Special motor for sand making machine

Special motor for sand making machine



Zhejiang Pinyi Motor Co., Ltd. is leading China Special motor for sand making machine Manufacturers, a medium-sized enterprise with a registered capital of 10 million that integrates research, development, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service. It has a modern factory, new production and testing equipment, and a mature and complete manufacturing assembly accumulated over the years. In order to comprehensively consider the long-term strategic layout, and to ensure that products continue to have comprehensive advantages in the market, in 2013, the company integrated several upstream supplier companies and gathered a number of scientific research personnel in the important R&D links of motors to help our company's products to find the positioning of special machinery and equipment in the terminal market, which has laid a solid foundation; the company has integrated its original management experience into the quality management system of GB/T19001-2008 and ISO9001:2008, which has fully improved and completed our company's quality management to ensure the long-lasting quality and stable performance of Pinyi Motors; the company has always adhered to the marketing concept of "manufacturing high-quality goods with character and occupying the market with high-quality goods", and strives to build excellent brands, continuously improve corporate taste, and pursue progress and development. In the course of years of development, Pinyi has built a customer-centric marketing network. Its products sell well in nearly 30 provinces and foreign regions across the country, and are well received by consumers, especially trusted and praised by old customers.

As a famous OEM Special motor for sand making machine factory, Pinyi's main products: the national standard GB/T28575-2012 / Class II energy efficiency /IP55 / YE3 ultra-efficient energy-saving series three-phase asynchronous motors; YE3 ultra-efficient energy-saving aluminum housing motors; YVF variable frequency series three-phase asynchronous motors; YD series two-speed multi-speed three-phase asynchronous motors; YEJ series electromagnetic brake three-phase asynchronous motors; YCT series electromagnetic speed-regulating three-phase asynchronous motors; YVFEJ series variable frequency brake three-phase asynchronous motors; YBX3 series flameproof three phase asynchronous motor; YDEJ series multi-speed electromagnetic brake three-phase motors, asynchronous motors, oil pump motors, special motors for stone machinery and equipment, customized motors with special specifications that require power, and motors with different frequencies and voltages. The degree of protection is IP55, IP66, etc., and various other specialized special motors.